Q: Can I get a refund on my order?
A: Because of the unpredictability of the crypto-currency industry we cannot issue any refunds on any orders. All machines come with a full warranty and if your machine is under warranty and not working then you can contact the manufacture to for-fill the warranty.

Q: myBTCpool is broken or not operating as expected. What can I do?
A: Contact us at setup@mybtcpool.com and we will help you with question to have your machine repaired or replaced asap. If the warranty has expired we still will be able to support you in purchasing parts so your machine can be repaired. Customers pay for shipping to and from us for any repairs.

Q: If I place an order now, when will I get my order?
A: This depends on how busy we are or if the order is on back-order. As soon as your payment has cleared in our account we will process your order and will do our best to get it out to you as soon as possible, though may take between 7 – 30 days to send out due to us fulfilling other orders before yours. Please note though some products maybe be coming in stock in the future, you can still buy the product and when it becomes available we will then ship the merchandise.

Q: What is the warranty period on your devices?
A: The warranty time period is 30 days and depends on the specific machine ordered as it is different for various suppliers. The warranty time frame will be listed on the product description page.

Q: Do you have a retail store I can collect from?
A: We are a online retail store that we manage from the United States.

Q: Where do our products come from?
A: At present all our mining pools are specially custom built in the USA and shipped directly to you.

Q: How do I track my order?
A: After payment is verified we will ship your order via UPS, FEDEX, or USPS. We will email you the tracking number and you will be able to follow the package online.

Q: Does myBTCpool offer customer support after sale?
A: myBTCpool does offer tech support after every sale, we will do everything we can to have you up and running within minutes with your professional mining pool. We also have a support page with manual and firmware upgrades at mybtcpool.com/support. If you need to contact us then please email setup@mybtcpool.com.

Q: Which courier service do you use to ship mybtcpool?
A: We always use UPS whenever possible. If for any reason we cannot use UPS we will use USPS or FEDEX. For certain areas we may use FEDEX if it is better to do so for you.

Q: What form of payments do you accept?
A: We accept Bitcoin and Litecoin Payments.